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Company Theatre Poster

The poster was designed to represent the musical Company with imagery taken from the original play. At first glance, the viewer would see a birthday cake with a smoke trail full of visuals taken from the play. The cake alludes to the scene of Robert’s surprise birthday where he fails to blow out his candles. Inside the candle’s smoke images such as a heart, a wedding ring, an airplane, a butterfly, a martini glass, and the Manhattan skyline are present. The heart and the wedding ring tie in with the romantic themes of the play while the skyline represents Manhattan. The butterfly, airplane, and martini glass all represent some character within the musical, whether it being one of Robert’s friends or girlfriends. The shape of the smoke, which resembles a human head, was intended to represent the main character Robert. Warmer colors were chosen to accentuate the romance and liveliness of the musical. The paper cut-out concept was meant to show the many layers and depth of this play.  

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