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Ashita Sake

Ashita Sake is a project that was created to reflect a brand and beverage native to Japan. In Japanese the word ashita means tomorrow and it was chosen to tell the user that he or she should not worry about tomorrow and just live life right now. Ashita Sake was made to be enjoyed by anyone of drinking age.


As seen through the design, much of the imagery was based on Japanese culture from the Japanese-esque wave pattern to the Japanese pagoda. The minimalistic approach of the bottom half and the bolder approach of the top cap of the package was inspired by the simple and bold style of Japanese design. The color red was chosen to symbolize the Japanese flag while green and blue was utilized to distinguish the different types and flavors of Ashita Sake. The triangular package design was incorporated to mimic the triangular logo type of the Ashita brand. Small sake cups with the Ashita brand are also included with the bottle to add more value to the entire package.

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