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San Diego Legion

Rugby Club

I was approached by Paige McWey Acers, the Executive Director of the San Diego Brewer's Guild, to design their 25th anniversary glassware celebrating the 25 years of San Diego beer. Paige wanted the design to be "fun, San Diego-centric, and celebratory of the guild's 25th anniversary." When designing the glassware, I picked out some iconic San Diego imagery to incorporate into the design. So I picked out the San Diego skyline, the Coronado Bridge, a beautiful San Diego beach and a wave, and a lowrider. I also included some imagery of hops and also a brewing tank. 

One of the main challenges I came across was trying to fit all of these graphic elements onto a glass without losing detail. So I composed the design to go across the glass in a horizontal fashion. I think it helps showcase each graphic on the glass in a more interesting way. It allows the viewer to interact with the glass by rotating it to see the entire design. 

For colors, I chose to go with a more vibrant and fun color pallet. I decided not to go with the usual SDBG colors because I felt like those colors were a little dull to relay the 25th anniversary message. I also think the colors used catches the eye better when the glass is full with the golden yellow/brown colored beer. 

Overall I really liked how the design turned out. And it seems like they were well received as well. "Super stoked about how the glassware turned out - people LOVE them!" - Paige 

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